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I sit on my couch with the shades raised just enough to watch the stars twinkle against the abyss of the black sky. I find myself entranced by its vastness. My mind often wonders how it is that we were created from the same gases that make up those beautiful bright lights many distances away… twinkling like princess cut diamonds to the naked eye.

The days seem to move faster than ever once the sun finds her seat in the sky.

I personally prefer for time to flow both slowly and gracefully into the next moment. Those moments where every sound can be heard down to the chirp of a cricket. This is likely why my favorite time of each 24 hour time span, is night.

At night, this busy mind of mine is placed on dnd. My soul then guides me to a place of calm that can’t be achieved during the traditional sunlit hours filled with the constant hustle and bustle of life. Sometimes I go so deep into my meditative state that I hover above my tranquil body as she rests. She looks how I feel when I’m imprisoned by her boundaries. Although her beauty is undeniable, her pain is a beast that is felt heavily when you’re near her. I enjoy the many benefits of night travel without lugging this beautiful body along with me. My soul enjoys her freedom just as much – so away she flies into the city lights along the skyline.

There are no interruptions here. I am limitless. No pain or expectations. There is only freedom. The freedom to disconnect is like sweet jazz music to my ears.

I can release here. I am free to be here.

Free to unwind in the stillness of night.

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